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Efield, North London
GEM ® Traps Retrofitted for Chemical Plant

Energy savings of over £67,000 a year was realized at Aesica’s Ponders End site following the installation of 200 GEM Traps
throughout the process plant. The company’s energy bill is now reduced by 28% each year.
The site is a hi-tech manufacturing facility with a capacity to produce 300 tonnes of products per year. Phil Page, Utility Engineer & Energy Manager who previously installed GEM Traps when employed at GlaxoSmithKline, another leading pharmaceutical company, was aware of the energy savings that could be made using the patented venturi orfice design. He therefore asked Thermal Energy International to carry out a full survey of the steam system. The report showed that approximately 10% of the steam traps were failing open, resulting in 8,900 tonnes of steam being lost each year at a cost of £67,200. Not only was this increasing energy and maintenance costs, it was reducing production time and creating 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.
Aesica’s American headquarters had set for the site an energy reduction target of 25% over a three-year period. By installing the GEM Traps, the site achieved its target in less than 12 months. Such was the facility’s accomplishment that a senior executive visited from the US to see how the energy savings had been achieved.

”Mechanical traps fail and this has an effect on production times and costs as well as energy, maintenance and the environment. Fixed orifice steam traps do not fail open. Because of the success of the GEM Traps, Aesica has decided to completely convert to GEM Traps in order to benefit from additional energy savings.”